4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Gaming is currently Going Global in the Future

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Gaming is currently Going Global in the Future

Some believe cryptocurrency is the future of money while others are convinced that it doesn’t have any future whatsoever. One thing is for sure — global interest in BTC is only going to get stronger in the long run as various industries find innovative applications for cryptocurrency applications.

One such industry is in the field of gambling with major businesses keen on taking substantial strides to provide security and experience for gamers. Because of this, video games and BTC appear to be a perfect game, and over a few factors that support our claim, we go in this article.

1. Privacy and Security

The most critical advantage of using bitcoin is that it is far safer to use compared to traditional credit/debit transactions. This may not seem like a big deal especially if you have never been targeted by any security threat. But consider what happens when you apply for a loan or mortgage from the bank?

As you might imagine, your chances of getting approved might hurt. That is not the case as it guarantees complete anonymity when you purchase something with BTC. Blockchains hold details about the trades that everyone can review and encrypts the personal data of both sender and receiver.

All that you will need to take part is a username and a BTC wallet. There isn’t any chance of sensitive information such as billing addresses, credit/debit card numbers and social security numbers getting leaked to unscrupulous 3rd parties.

2. More game developers accepting payments

One such firm is”BigFish Games” that make cheap games for PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Another good example is the company”CJS-CD Keys” — a global game distribution platform that sells gaming titles from many different gaming platforms like Battlenet, Origin, and Steam.

3. Steam accepts Bitcoin

The latter is considered the most distribution platform.

Each month, steam generates millions of dollars worth of revenue from digital goods.

4. Online gambling

The influence of BTC isn’t restricted to the video gaming industry, and it has expanded to other sectors as well. This includes most especially”iGaming” or online gaming that’s also one of the staunchest supporters for legalizing bitcoin.

BTC isn’t anything new for the online gambling business. Many casinos cater to cryptocurrency trades as a financing source for players who value a system that is safe and anonymity for depositing and withdrawing funds.

The use of BTC as a payout system rewards iGaming operators as well because it is more efficient to handle an internet gambling operation using cryptocurrency and easier. For one thing, BTC gaming websites are more easy launch and to develop more so that big industry regulators such as Malta are jumping in on the trend. It is possible that we are likely to see more gaming websites in the future.

As you may have realized, bitcoin will remain relevant as far as the gambling and gaming sector is concerned. Whether BTC will bounce back to heights as it did in 2018 remains to be seen and is still debated by experts. What we do know for certain is that BTC extends some advantages for the video game business that cannot be ignored. It is likely that the BTC reach is only going to get far more significant in years to come.

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