Beyond Meat Stock Tumbles on Flurry of Negative News

Plant-based meat business Beyond Meat was trading greatly down in pre markets today as a flurry of negative news consisting of a huge incomes miss has struck the stock.

Beyond Meat launched its third quarter earnings yesterday after the close of markets. The incomes missed experts’ price quotes by a wide margin. The company’s net incomes increased a simple 2.7% year over year in the quarter to $94.4 million. On the other hand, experts polled by Refinitiv were anticipating the business to post incomes of $132.8 million in the quarter

Beyond Meat published a loss in the 3rd quarter.

Beyond Meat published an adjusted loss per share of 28 cents while experts were expecting it to post adjusted incomes per share of 5 cents per share. The company posted a loss on the EBITDA (revenues prior to interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) level also and posted an adjusted EBITDA of -$ 4.3 million with a margin of -4.5%.

Beyond Meat management on the profits

” Our monetary outcomes show a quarter where for the first time given that the pandemic started, we experienced the full brunt and unpredictability of COVID-19 on our net revenues and accordingly, throughout our P&L (earnings and loss),” said Beyond Meat’s President and chief executive Ethan Brown.

According to Brown, due to the COVID-19 related limitations in the 2nd quarter, consumers had actually stocked their products in their homes. Nevertheless, as the stockpiling was absent in the 3rd quarter, its sales in the 3rd quarter fell from the record highs in the 2nd quarter. Nonetheless, Beyond Meat’s sales in the third quarter were the second greatest ever.

The business also took a hit of $1.8 million on its success due to COVID-19 related expenses. This consists of a write off of $1.1 million on stock that is no longer salable and $0.7 million towards repackaging and other expenses.


Brown likewise sounded positive on Beyond Meat’s outlook. “We have not, nevertheless, blinked in our focus on the expanding long-lasting opportunity before us and continue to run our service secured on this interesting long-term development trajectory,” said Brown. He included, “Rather than reduce activities in response to transitory macroeconomic conditions, we continue to purchase the pillars of our future development, and in abilities, facilities, and markets that support our international vision and provide the highest long-term return to our investors.”

Beyond Meat’s worldwide growth

On the other hand, despite the pandemic, Beyond Meat is continuing with its expansion strategies, both in the United States in addition to the worldwide markets. Beyond Meat products are now available in 80 countries, as compared to 50 countries a year back. Globally, its products are readily available in 122,000 outlets, an increase of 9% over the June quarter.

Beyond Meat is likewise choosing backwards combination of its operations, and in the third quarter, it purchased a co-production center in Pennsylvania. While the acquisition would lead to cash outflow in the short term, in the long term it would help the business improve its margins.

McDonald’s McPlant

The revenues miss is not the sole reason behind the sharp fall in Beyond Meat stock. Markets are also apprehensive over the business’s relationship with McDonald’s, among its major partners.

According to Beyond Meat, it would be the partner for McDonald’s upcoming met free product line McPlant. However, McDonald’s hasn’t yet confirmed that it would be partnering with Beyond Meat.

” We have a relationship with Beyond Meat, where they supported us in our Canadian test market,” stated McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski. He added, “We haven’t decided yet about how we’re going to be and which providers are supporting our worldwide rollout, so I do not wish to discuss that.”

Beyond Meat states relationship with McDonald’s is strong

During their third quarter earnings call, Beyond Meat management attempted to impress upon analysts that they have a strong relationship with McDonald’s. “Our relationship with McDonald’s is excellent. It’s actually strong,” said Brown about McDonald’s. He added, “Our work there on behalf of what they’re doing continues. And I really want to defer to our large task consumers of what they want to share about their provider base, what they want to share about their launch plans.”

Taking a swipe at those speculating about Beyond Meat’s relationship with McDonald’s, Brown borrowed a Mark Twain quote and said “Reports of my death have been considerably overemphasized.”

Beyond Meat stock in 2020

Based upon the other day’s closing costs, Beyond Meat has practically doubled this year. After such an astonishing rate action, there is little scope of erring on the earnings and growth. We have seen numerous examples where stocks that have actually skyrocketed this year have been punished terribly on even the tiniest hint of a growth slowdown. Apple is amongst the most current example and fears of a downturn in iPhone sales scared investors.

Returning to Beyond Meat, the company had an early mover benefit in the plant-based meat area. Nevertheless, numerous recognized food companies including Nestle, Kellogg, and Tyson Foods have actually also participated in plant-based meats. Difficult Foods is Beyond Meat’s closest competitor in the plant-based meat market.

Beyond Meat stock was trading over 17% down in pre markets today. The stock has currently fallen below its 50-day SMA (simple moving average). Taking a look at the pre-market price action, there is an opportunity that it may fall below its 200-day SMA likewise which would signify a short-term technical downtrend.

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