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How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution UK

Bitcoin Revolution UK has a user-friendly interface that works on both mobile and also desktop, but it’s less complicated to navigate on a computer or laptop than a mobile. Its intuitive dashboard helps an expert to access the robot control panel.The control panel will enable you to monitor your trading activities and also set trading parameters.

On the same dashboard, the tab ‘Trading History’ shows a list of all the past history of transactions, including gains and also losses. An investor can manage and view all their live trading activities from the ‘Open Transaction’ tab, and can also access the live trading or demo trading from the same dashboard.

Newbies should begin by using the demo account to get familiar with controlling different panels on the dashboard. By doing this you can learn your way around the interface before risking any of your capital.

How to open an account

Step # 1: Registration – Register to your account with Bitcoin Revolution. An investor would need to provide basic details (without any need for id proof at this point) and set a password. Once the account is verified, which usually takes a couple of minutes, you can log in.

Step # 2: Deposit Funds – You first need to fund your account with a minimum investment of $250. You can use multiple payment options available on the platform to do so, but debit and credit card payments are the easiest option. Now you can use a demo account to navigate the dash panel of the robot or start auto trading on the platform.

Step # 3: Trade – Either a trader can select auto trading in which the robot would place trades after analysing the market data. Or else, a seasoned trader can also go for manual trading in which case the user needs to setup various parameters & indicators which the robot will follow.

Our top robot trading tips for newbies

When using a robot to trade cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. It may just feel like you deposit funds & let the robot do the rest, but our team of experts have come up with the following advice that it’s important to read before getting started:

Learn about trading first. Trading cryptocurrencies is a complex process, and also it’s important to have a grasp of the basics before you get involved. By learning about trading in general you’ll be better able to setup the trading robot to work most effectively.

Find out about cryptocurrency. Having more knowledge of the asset you’re trading is essential when making any trade, but especially so in such a wide-ranging environment as cryptocurrency.

Begin with a demo account. Even when you can begin live trading immediately upon setting up an account on a robot, we strongly help you to trade on the demo account first. This will help you familiarise yourself with the platform before risking any of your capital.

Begin small. The best strategy is to start with a small amount of money and grow your portfolio and also profits over time. This will help you hone your trading skills and keep risk to a minimum.

Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is a central tenet of trading, it’s always important to be financially responsible when investing in anything. Markets can be volatile and also losses can come as simple as profits, so do not risk money you could not live without.


Bitcoin Revolution UK has its fair share of reviews and also testimonials on it’s web site as well as other platforms that give an indication that the App can be used to generate reasonable profits if handled correctly. However, claims by users they’ve made millions on the platform with no knowledge of trading seem too good to be true.

The App is to be handled with care by newbies who don’t understand the schematics to cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, it’s unwise to only have one place that you do all of your cryptocurrency trading. Even the most experienced investors have suffered losses owing to the volatility in cryptocurrencies, so it’s good to diversify your crypto investments.

At the same time, Bitcoin Revolution does support investors in optimising their strategies as it can process huge amounts of data in limited time. It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin Revolution supports trading in a wider variety of cryptocurrencies than some other robots.

Using the software is best when it’s seen as a tool for which you can set your own trading parameters that it automatically executes on your behalf. An investor can then enable the robot to monitor markets 24 hours Seven days a week and also execute trades depending upon the precise market conditions, even when they themselves are not physically there to make the trade.

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